It is a living structure that adopts and wants to spread the culture of sharing. It is a unit that offers its users a comfortable and peaceful environment where they can work freely.

One of our growth goals is to become an international company. That’s why we chose an English name.

The Turkish equivalent of the word unit is unit. Our place; We wanted it to be a center where people who work with different disciplines and have different perspectives come together. This is a unit for us where differences come together. Therefore, we chose the word unit, which corresponds to the word unit, and put our name on it.

Turkey’s 090 area code. In the following years, we wanted to have an unchanging code type so that other
Units could be opened with the area code of that country in other countries.

One of the first questions that people think of when it comes to shared office. Technically, we share the working environment and office facilities. But what is shared is far beyond these. We share personal and professional experiences, social environment, life philosophies, upcoming jobs, new ideas and more.

There are wonderful people who are bored of working in standard office environments, pursue their dreams, and fly with their own wings.

Our aim; To design creative, efficient and economical workspaces and to facilitate our users’ work by providing more than the service and infrastructure required to be more motivated and efficient in their work, by ensuring that they focus entirely on their business. Our goal is to spread the new generation work culture and revive the sharing culture that is actually not alien to us. To prepare an environment for passionate people from different fields to come together to come up with new ideas and bring them to life.

2 young women who received different trainings, went abroad and lived for a while, worked voluntarily in non-governmental organizations; Ayşe Seda Kürkçüoğlu and Ayşem D. Gökbayrak.

The new office concept we have put forward is called co-working in the world. This working model is called ‘working independently but together’. In this model; It is aimed that people with similar thinking in different sectors work together in independent work environments and shared spaces to create synergy. In this way, individuals or companies from different disciplines have the opportunity to work under the same roof, in a more economical and social environment. While we translated this word into Turkish, we focused on the meaning of sharing and started to use the concept of “shared office”. As the Unit090 team, we branded the concept of sharing, which we attach most importance to and which we believe to be the basis of many things.

The concept of working under the same roof for companies from different disciplines but in different office spaces is called “ready office” (Private Office). Meeting the operational needs of offices such as cleaning, security and internet are called “professional office services” (Office Services).

Flexibility. We offer the opportunity to rent an office of the desired length, either monthly or annually. Social
network. Working under the same roof with a creative and productive community, it is very possible to find your next teammate, a freelancer to support you, other companies to create a sales channel, and a coffee and drink buddy. Motivation. We offer a happy and lively office environment thanks to breakfasts, mid-day talks, good news celebrated together, trainings, panels and treats. Comfort and inspiration. You can work for a long time in our comfortable and simple offices, each corner of which has been carefully designed, and you can get plenty of inspiration from our Unit090 touches in decoration. Efficient and economical. With the ready-made infrastructure we offer without any upfront costs, you can start your business in your dream office as quickly as possible without investing.

It may vary depending on the package you have purchased, but it starts from a minimum of 1 month.

The answer to this question depends on the package you received. If there is an address display service in the package you bought, you start using it by paying a 1-month fee and a deposit of 1 month. Apart from that, when you buy another package, you can start immediately by making your first payment.

We do not have an option to freeze membership.

Unfortunately, services that are not used monthly within the packages cannot be transferred to the next month and cannot be changed or combined with another service.

We try to ensure that the working environments we offer are as quiet as possible. But it is not possible to have a silence in library standards. Actually, it is not a situation we prefer. Because one of the most beautiful aspects of this system is that working people can socialize. This, of course, causes a little noise in an area where everyone respects each other. ?

Serviced office users can host as many guests as they wish in their rooms. Users working in shared office areas can host their guests in the common lounge area. If they want to entertain and work together in a working environment, they must pay 7 TL + VAT per hour for their guests.

All our users, except our serviced office users, work within Unit090 working hours. Ready office users can

You can use it, but usage outside of working hours is priced differently.

In routine practice, you can cancel your meeting room free of charge up to 3 working days before. If there is a situation caused by force majeure, when there is less than 3 working days, we do not charge any fee. We charge a fee for cancellations caused by reasons other than this.

All areas are cleaned every day.

For long-term use, we have a locker service in some of our packages.

Unfortunately not. Our location is very central. You can order outside or try out the surrounding places.

Although it is not included in the services we provide under normal conditions; We have snacks from time to time in a common area accessible to everyone.

We have a pet friend in Unit090, he is our teammate. Pasha. Of course, you can bring your pet as well, but it is another fact that we have a certain capacity.